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About us


According to most recent statistics, Sub Saharan Africa accounts for 45% of all school children world wide with 54% being girls yet this region is one that has been dubbed one of the toughest places to be born a girl. This is according to UN data measuring clearly defined set of indicator's.
Half a billion women still cannot read, 62 million girls are denied a right to education and 155 countries have laws that differentiate between men and women. In Nigeria, girls are less likely to complete primary school compared to boys with only 61% of girls completing primary school as opposed to 77% of boys and just 36% of girls complete senior secondary school.
In North East Nigeria, only about 3% of girls will complete secondary school. Furthermore female students tend to concentrated in arts and humanities and less percentage in science and technology Research has shown that girls education can impact economies; young women with better education are more likely to earn more money, be healthier, more confident, and less likely to have an underage marriage. In Africa we say that if you teach a girl you have trained a whole village.
This is especially important health wise especially when current research shows that one out of 7 new HIV/AIDS infections comes from Africa and 70% of all new HIV infections are adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 19.
The future of our girls is at stake Gender inequalities persist in sub Saharan Africa especially in area of education. Why are our girls not in school at this critical time. Several factors including poverty, cultural norms, sexual harassment, lack of feminine hygiene products and other resources are all factors contributing to a lack of equal opportunities for girls. Our organization hopes to change that though efforts and advocacy in formal education, skill acquisition and reproductive health and mentorship.
Our goal is to help train a generation of better educated more confident and economically empowered young women with all the possibilities to achieve success. We hope to address sociocultural issues working directly with all our partners n stakeholders on issues collectively impacting the progress and right of girls in our communities. Girls can learn and girls can win.
Organization Overview: Ladies Empowerment Goal and Support Initiative (LEGASI) is an innovative women led organization in partnership with local and international agencies and community building partners spanning a global network of individuals committed to the rights and health of young women and adolescent girls. With expertise in the area of communications and advocacy, reproductive health and education mentoring and entrepreneurship. our goal is to amplify efforts and highlight relevant issues related to ladies within Nigeria and across the Sub-Saharan region and to create spaces where the voice of the girl child can be heard loud and clear on issues relevant to them.
LEGASI is an organization launched in January 2017 as the brain child of Kaltumi Abdulazeez. Our platform aims to ensure that the girl child is independently empowered to take actions and decisions on issues relevant to her health and relationships, education and her means of livelihood. We believe there is no better time than now to fully include our ladies in the development agenda as a catalyst for strategic growth.
The Mission Of LEGASI is to :
1. Raise awareness and educate others about issues concerning the education, reproductive health and poverty alleviation in the Life of young women and girls.
2. Seek to empower girls with key information on reproductive health awareness, age appropriate sex education and prevention strategies for teen pregnancies and underage marriages
3. Campaign against female genital mutilation and gender based violence and Improved HI/AIDS advocacy, prevention and care strategies
4. Seek to economically empower ladies through skills acquisition training, ICT awareness ( Information and communication Technology), mentoring, and strong support networks.
5. Amplify efforts in girl child formal education providing sponsorship where relevant and missing with guardians and community building partners.
6. To forge a string sisterhood of reoriented and rehabilitated girls building a generation of leading women in business and teaching, science and research and within their homes and local communities.
7. To provide support to OVC's (Orphans and vulnerable children), widows. To inspire you to join the movement for positive change, we kindly solicit for supports both in kind and in cash to execute projects which are of basic necessity in the present time.



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