Trauma Counselling for women of Kasuwan Magani

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Hadiza’s story is one that cuts across for many women who have been victims of one form of brutal crisis. She lost her husband and uncle in February, 2018 in one of the attacks in Kasuwan Magani Community in Kaduna state as the tension in her village reached its peak. As the violence broke out her husband and uncle were catch up in the cross fire and killed, this was traumatic for her and ever since that day she has been redrawn within her community and from other neighbours as she stayed away from them quietly blaming them for the loss she incurred.

“I stopped spending time with my friends and neighbours, I blamed them for what happened and cut off ties with them.” She is a Muslim and her husband’s people are Christians hence the polarization that existed.

After participating in a few LEGASI activities which brought together women who shared such typical experiences, the counselling sessions have helped to restore hope for her and helped the women to heal together whilst restoring trust and closeness between the women of the two faiths.

“Through their teachings, I realised that what I thought about Christians, my friends and neighbours in the past was not true. I also realised that we need each other and that they are as important to us as we are to them”.

Hadiza is now connecting back to her friends and neighbours and now freely does business with them as LEGASI’s peacebuilding training and trauma counselling focused on forgiveness and unity. Now she is a vibrant and active member within her community which has also served to motivate other women in the community. Her daughters new best friend is from across the village and they are progressing nicely in the family.


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