Press Statement Calling for Peace and Stability following the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election

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Dear Citizens of Nigeria,

28th February, 2023:

The African Women's Leadership Fund (AWLF) and the Ladies Empowerment Goals and Support Initiative (LEGASI) are deeply concerned about the recent incidences of violence in Nigeria, particularly in the lead up to the announcement of the presidential results. We strongly condemn all acts of violence and call on all citizens to remain calm and peaceful during this critical time.
We understand that tensions are high, and emotions are running deep, but we urge all Nigerians to exercise restraint and engage in peaceful dialogue and lawful expression of their views Violence only begets more violence, and it is not a solution to any problem. It only serves to exacerbate the situation and cause harm and destruction to the nation and its people - Download Press Release here.

We remind all Nigerians of the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the country. Nigeria is a great nation with vast human and natural resources, and it is the responsibility of all citizens to work together to ensure its progress and development. We urge everyone to respect the rule of law, democratic processes and institutions, and to uphold the fundamental principles of human rights and dignity.

We would also like to remind the Nigerian Government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of their obligations under the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, which promotes democratic governance, credible and transparent elections. and holds them accountable for upholding these principles.

Finally, we call on all political leaders and stakeholders to show leadership, restraint, and commitment to the peaceful and democratic resolution of any disputes that may arise from the elections. We implore all parties to channel their grievances through legal and peaceful means and to refrain from any actions that could undermine the stability and security of the nation.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Nigeria during this critical time, and we call on all citizens to remain calm, peaceful, and united in their pursuit of a better and prosperous nation.


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