#EmbraceEquity, Celebrating IWD 2023

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Prior to now the narrative had been echoed on equality but now more than ever before embracing equity is critical to ensure a balanced society across board. We generally need to understand the difference between Equality and Equity.
Equality means every person or a collection of people are given the same resources or opportunities. Equity puts into context that every person has different constraints and recognizes this factor in the allocation of resources or opportunities in order to reach an equal outcome.

Organizations both large and small need to adopt a consciousness in their policy to include equitable structures cross-cutting human resources and benefit systems in order to validate the inclusivity of any process, action or motivation thereby yielding the benefits towards a diverse society.

The 2023 International Women's Day theme #EmbraceEquity should be a vital part of our everyday lives. Equal Opportunities is not just enough, equitable action is needed to harness the common good.

For an inclusive world, we need to discuss, value and #EmbraceEquity. Within your space at home, work and/or school, always think of how every action you take either adds to or subtracts from equity. As we break structural gender stereotypes and positively influence our community, remember equity is not limited to women but men also towards building unity and harmony in the society.


Girl Child and Women Empowerment
Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
Early Warning/Early Response (EWER) Systems
Women, Peace and Security (WPS)
Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism
Entrepreneurship and Skills Development
Ladies in Information Communications Technology
Education Scholarship Support
Food Supply/Health Care/Fundraising


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